Ump Show: Miguel Cabrera, Brad Ausmus Tossed by Tim Timmons Quick Trigger

Baseball’s “Ump Show” continued when Tim Timmons tossed Miguel Cabrera and then Brad Ausmus during Wednesday’s matinee in Cleveland. Cabrera tried to check his swing — replays showed he did go around — but as the reinging two-time AL MVP is wont to do, he asked for help from first base ump Tim Welke. Timmons wasn’t having any of it and tossed Cabrera quickly.

Miguel Cabrera definitely swung

The Tigers were steamed that earlier in the inning Ian Kinsler struck out on a check swing without Timmons consulting  Welke and it extended into the next at bat. Timmons, a 46-year-old man and a veteran of 14 seasons, ovbiously couldn’t handle anyone questioning his judgement in front of a few dozen fans at Progressive Field.

As Tigers analyst Rod Allen mused, “That’s okay.. we can watch Tim Timmons for the rest of this one.”

The next time someone walks through a turnstile or turns on a game to watch the umpires it will be the first time.

Hey Bud, can we get those robot umpires one of these days?

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