Roundup: Marshawn Lynch Skips the White House, Spurs Crush Thunder, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"

Joanna Krupa… tree kangaroos are a thing and that thing is awesome … clerk resigns, lights up city council after complaints about Twitter use … wife threatens divorce over 661-pound LEGO set … “Whoop Dreams,” a documentary about The Gathering of the Juggalos is now on Hulu and worth your watch … you want to see a kid totally destroy a talent show click this … studio where R.E.M. recorded first two albums being torn down … want to destroy some priceless vasesNorm MacDonald should host all the late shows … girl appears in porn, gets harassed online, commits suicide … solid Rovell hate/parody … truck full of bees overturns … it cost $50 MILLION for a CGI Paul Walker in Fast 7 … Gregg Allman and filmmakers sued over death on set … 

Josh Rosen, a highly recruited high school quarterback who chose UCLA, is an atheist. [FOX Sports]

New Jersey police officer wins Survivor. Did you know there have now been 28 seasons of Survivor? [NJ.com]

The Spurs are not messing around, beat Thunder by 35 to go up 2-0. [SI]

Hilarious column about why LeBron should return to Cleveland so he can win more titles. [Forbes]

Amateur MMA fighter stops beating opponent and taps out. [Deadspin]

Chris Davis hit 3 homers yesterday to double his season total. [CBS]

A look at ESPN’s news SportsCenter studio. [FastCompany]

Serial killer equivalents for NBA coaches. [Holy Taco]

The 11 best fast food restaurant brawls on the Internet. [Cage Potato]

Marshawn Lynch did not go with his Seattle teammates to visit the White House because he didn’t want to go. [Seattle Times]

Drunk Cubs fan explains why Derek Jeter coming to Chicago is so important. Or something. [With Leather]

Movie that won’t be out for two years gets name. [Deadline]

Lozo and Jay Onrait parodied Between Two Ferns on Fox Sports Live. What did we learn from this video? Both men have legs for days.

You ever hear of Die Antwoord? Well, this is their latest disturbing video.

Charlie Day gave a commencement address at Merrimack.

This guy is either the best or worst neighbor ever. [via Hyper Vocal]

Just a flaming school bus rolling down the road.

Veruca Salt were/was on Conan last night. They played “Seether,” but “Volcano Girls” was a superior song according to science.

And here are some stomach-churning shots from really tall buildings in Dubai.

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