The Thunder Went Over 16 Minutes With Nobody Besides Westbrook or Durant Making a Shot

kevin durant russell westbrook OKC thunder

The Thunder are down 0-2 to the Spurs and have lost the first two games by a combined 52 points. They’ve never been closer than eight points in the fourth quarter. The games have not been remotely competitive. It looks bleak for OKC.

The same problem that roiled the Thunder against Memphis in the 1st round is back – OKC looks like a regular season team built around Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook and nobody else can score. (Also, defense. No Ibaka means a layup line for the Spurs, who look like the ’87 Lakers offensively.)

How bad is it?

From 8:36 left in the second quarter to 4:30 left in the third quarter, no Thunder player other than Durant or Westbrook made a shot. The Spurs scored 48 points during that stretch while Durant and Westbrook combined for all of the Thunder’s 20 points.

That’s an untenable situation. If this continues, the Thunder will get swept. Reggie Jackson? Jeremy Lamb? Who will be the third scorer? Even if Ibaka were healthy, they’d need more. The Thunder were able to dispatch the Clippers because LA plays very little defense. Even if the Thunder are magically able to rally and get to the Finals, could they find that third scorer against Miami, one of the best defensive teams so far in the postseason?

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