Joel Embiid Looked Healthy Dunking in a Pre-Draft Workout

Joel Embiid missed the end of the college basketball season with a stress fracture in his back. Even so, he’s still projected to be among the first three picks at next month’s NBA Draft. Scouts and NBA insiders are raving about his performances in pre-draft workouts in California.

Based off this array of dunks, Embiid looks healthy. Granted dunking in a workout situation is by no means is the be-all, end-all for evaluations. Still, you’d have to come away impressed watching this footage of the 7-footer from Cameroon.

If anything it could mean Andrew Wiggins might not be the consensus No. 1 player heading into the draft on June 26. ESPN’s Bill Simmons saw Embiid at a private workout and is on record he’ll be the first player selected.

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