Was Cristiano Ronaldo's Shirtless Celebration a Stunt for a Movie?

Christiano Ronaldo flexing

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a penalty kick deep into the second period of extra time to put Real Madrid ahead 4-1 over Atletico Madrid in the Champions League final last weekend. The Portuguese star ripped off his shirt and celebrated by flexing his muscles into a bank of cameras.

All things being equal, it was a little over-the-top when the game was already decided. It pissed off the Atletico players and lot of viewers around the world watching from their couches, wondering why Ronaldo (and his massive ego) would thrust himself square into the spotlight.

If it all looked a little theatrical and scripted, that’s because it was — intentionally. According to a report in El Confidencial the shirtless celebration was part of a movie … “Ronaldo: the Movie.” (Note: something might be lost in the Google translation.)

A movie about all about Ronaldo? Hopefully David Mamet is available to write the dialogue. Sounds like a surefire popcorn classic.

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[H/T Business Insider]

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