Derek Dorsett "Snowed" a Little Kid Carrying a Montreal Canadiens Flag Ahead of Game 5


Derek Dorsett is someone to root for. Ahead of Game 5, with his team leading the series 3-1, Dorsett did one of those manly hockey things and tried to “snow” the Montreal Canadiens as they skated onto the ice. Instead, he covered a little kid carrying a Habs flag in fresh powder. This is a direct violation of Unwritten Hockey Rule 4.5a.9c and now a full grown Canadian from Montreal will have to get revenge by fighting a random 8-year old on the streets of Manhattan today.


Dorsett didn’t only pick on small children. Later, during the actual game, Dorsett hit Mike Weaver with a headbutt in front of the goal. Supposedly, this headbutt is a violation of an actual rule that someone wrote down somewhere once so Dorsett might get fined.

[Gifs via @MTLDriveFor25, @MyRegularFace]

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