UConn Bros Cash In $60K Winnings on Championship Future Bet


After scouting the odds at various casinos in Las Vegas last November, a group of 12 recent UConn grads laid down $100 each on the Huskies to win the National Championship at 50-1 odds at the Hard Rock. The natural question: Did the Connecticans ever think of betting against their alma mater down the stretch to ensure a small payoff regardless if they won the title?

“There were conversations, but in the end, we all stood strong and decided not to hedge,” said one of the fortunate bettors, via the Las Vegas Sun. “Instead of hedging, I ended up betting on them in every game.”

As a disclaimer, these stories pop up from time to time, but we never hear about all the idiots who lay cash on big long-shots that never come close to ringing in. That being said, it’s always fun to imagine one’s favorite team providing the psychic benefits of a championship in addition to the capital for a pretty bitching Vegas weekend.

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