Colombian Sheep Dressed as Soccer Players Celebrate World Cup Berth


Colombia will partake in the World Cup this summer for the first time since 1998. To celebrate, residents put on a match between sheep dressed in Colombia and Brazil’s colors. People showed up to drink beer and watch the adorable footballers. Via the AP:

Some 500 beer-soused spectators cheered on the farmyard footballers, which were trained for two weeks to recognize and kick a foam soccer ball through a rustic goalpost made of wooden logs.

Colombia won the sheep match, 4-3. Despite the score high scoring, the match got mixed reviews.

The hard work was little in evidence, though. Sheep are highly social animals, seeking safety from predators in large herds, and their shepherd handlers had to keep pulling on ropes tied to the animals’ necks to keep the bleating players scattered and moving so they wouldn’t end up munching lazily on what grass remained on the improvised pitch.

There are more pictures here, but the one above is really all you need. LOOK AT THE CLEATS!


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