Roundup: Photo of Bear Resting in Hammock, Watch a Man Throw a Rock at a Lamborghini & Norman Chad vs. Tampa Rays Fans

EXCLUSIVE: MMA broadcaster and model Andrea Calle seen taking a break from her hectic schedule by catching some sun on Miami BeachAndrea Calle … great photo of a bear in a hammock in Daytona Beach … Wasted in Wisconsin: the State has 3x as many bars as grocery stores … this man removed his face tattoos with a welding machine … jerk defrauds Little League of $40k … “Ex-Palms worker gets probation in federal betting fraud case” … billionaire Lewis Katz died in a plane crash … Justin Bieber allegedly hooked up with Adriana Lima last week … RIP Alice from the ‘Brady Bunch,’ who fell in her bathroom and died … how did the glass in the Willis Tower splinter? … John Elway’s son arrested for allegedly pushing woman out of moving vehicle  … “the nation’s second-largest Protestant denomination faces a split because of an inability to resolve long-standing theological disputes about homosexuality and church doctrine” … video of the end of a car chase after a 14-year old stole a car … “We are on the verge of the sixth extinction” … here are the five prisoners the US released to secure the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl … “Want to spot the next bubble? Look at where Harvard grads work” … video of Justin Bieber saying a racist joke when he was 15 … filed under things I would not do

“Watching a baseball game on TV is like standing in front of your Kenmore oven waiting for the timer to count down on the turkey it’s roasting.” [Washington Post]

Kings overcome early 2-0 deficit on the road in Game 7, rally to beat the Blackhawks 5-4 in OT and reach the Stanley Cup Final. The Kings will play the Rangers in the first LA vs. NY Championship in any major sports league since 1981. [LA Times]

Giuseppe Rossi once again doesn’t make the Italy World Cup roster. He would have probably made the US team in 2010 and this year. [Sky Sports]

You probably know the story of how Birdman got catfished, but with no NBA for the next few days, you’ll want to read this refresher. [Newsweek]

Buffalo Bills coach Doug Marrone is playing DJ at OTAs. [Syracuse.com]

A man drove from San Francisco to Brazil for the World Cup. [SI.com]

Good answer to this question: “I asked Baquet about maps that reporters said had been tacked up at the Times’ Washington offices to cover several holes he had punched in walls down there.” [NPR]

Fox Sports 1 has released its 2014 college football TV schedule. Less than 13 weeks until college football begins. [Fox Sports]

USA World Cup games: 6 pm on June 16 vs Ghana, 6 pm June 22 vs Portugal, and noon June 26th vs Germany. Put ‘em on your calendar. [SI.com]

Mariah Carey rode the subway in NYC, and yeah, she was definitely over-dressed.

Guy throws a rock at a Lamborghini Aventador. Lucky he didn’t get his ass kicked.

Another bounce house gets taken away by the wind in Colorado. Two kids were injured.

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