Roundup: Jack Russell Terrier Battles Cobra, Plane Nearly Lands on Sleeping Sunbather & Harry Caray Drank A Lot in 1972

blake livelyBlake Lively … female hurricanes kill more people than male hurricanes because nobody respects them … new reality show: “I slept with a celebrity” … dog pooping all over the airplane forces emergency landing … “Which brand of ball point pen is best for an emergency airway puncture?” … Nicki Minaj wore a cool top to Summer Jam … RG3 did a nice thingCasey Kasem’s wife threw a pound of hamburger meat at his eldest daughter … Albert Haynesworth has opened a burger joint in Knoxville … D-Day photos, then and now … NRA: Actually, bringing AR-15s to Chipotle is dumb … Arianny Celeste got 22k likes on this photo … if twitter hasn’t already melted your brain, “The Internet in Real Time” surely will … Donald Sterling attended “service at black church” Sunday … Lupita Nyong’o and Gwendoline Christine will be in Star Wars, Episode VII … “After Texting Girlfriend Too Much In The Dark, Chinese Man Suffers Detached Retina” … 10 reasons running a 5k is awesomeSeattle raises minimum age to $15 an hour, highest in the nation … Katherine McPhee is getting a divorce, and here she is on the beach with a friend

Harry Caray drank in a bar almost every night in 1972. Very impressive. [Sun Times]

Tremendous read: How YouTube and Internet Journalism Destroyed Tom Cruise, Our Last Real Movie Star. [LA Weekly]

Teacher forgets to hang up the phone, leaves insulting message on the phone of a student’s mom. [Action 19 News]

Sloane Stephens lost to Simona Halep – the latter made news in 2010 when she got a breast reduction – and there are no Americans left in the French Open. [NYT]

Man gets in argument with female roommate, throws her against a wall and hits her in the head with a bottle. Oh, she’s a double amputee. [Bay News 9]

Tim Tebow is still training daily in case the NFL comes calling. [Tennessean]

Troy Aikman, Terry Bradshaw, Dan Fouts, Jim Kelly and Roger Staubach were out of football by age 38; medical marvel Peyton Manning, at 37, just had the best year of his career. [Denver Post]

Claiming titles at Auburn, media outrage, and Dan Wolken. [Auburn Undercover]

When you see the Heat superior to the Spurs in shooting efficiency in so many zones this postseason, how much of that has to do with opponent? [Page Q Sports]

Will the sale of the Clippers accelerate the NBA’s expansion dreams? [Business Insider]

“I guess Bill Belichick got mad after some of my coverage of Spygate in 2007. I’m not sure, though. He hasn’t talked to me since.” [The MMQB]

Dan LeBatard crushes Pacers in his funny, annual “you’re gone” screaming segment.

These weren’t storms on the radar in New Mexico; they were swarms of grasshoppers. Yikes. [via Adam]

Plane almost lands on sleeping sunbather.

Jack Russell Terrier vs. a Cobra, or what looks like a Cobra. [via BroBible]

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