Roundup: World Cup 2014, Oral History of The Mighty Ducks, Ernest Gulbis Loses French Open Winnings at Casino

lacey-chabert-2Lacey Chabert … woman charged with assaulting a teen at the beach who was recording people … no one will hit on Anna Kendrick … man arrested with pirated DVDs, marijuana, $19k cash … PR firms pledge to not edit clients Wikipedia pages … man obsessed with serial killers murders a woman … woman named Crystal Metheny arrested in Florida … another story about people opposing medicinal marijuana … a profile of Gilbert Goffried … man arrested for having sex with pool toys – for the third time … “spornosexual” is a thing now … Mila Kunis doesn’t like men saying “we’re pregnant” …

Bob Welch died at 57. [NY Times]

The SEC does not have men’s soccer. [The Telegraph]

Photos of Gary Bettman awkwardly posing for pictures with celebrities. [NY Mag]

Rangers fans came together to send a grieving father to the Stanley Cup Final. [FOX Sports]

Shelly Sterling will have insane perks if the Clippers actually get sold. [NY Daily News]

Tim Ryan highlights one of Darren Rovell’s dumb tweets. [VICE Sports]

Tony Snell got a haircut. The braids are gone. [The Chicago Homer]

Finally, someone put together a gallery of women flipping large tires. [Cage Potato]

Former NBAer Chris Washburn arrested on felony charge for stealing gas. [Hickory Record]

Ernest Gulbis blew his half-million winnings from the French Open at a casino. Must be nice. [Business Insider]

Pete Rose will manage a minor league team for one night out of the goodness of his heart and also for the money. [Bridgeport Blue Fish]

A model in bodypaint for the World Cup? Could be considered NSFW. [Guyism]

An oral history of The Mighty Ducks. [TIME]

Editorial Board thinks Brazil should just act cool when everybody shows up for the World Cup. Like a fighting married couple. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

Terrelle Pryor, one of the Seahawks 4 backup QBs, has made a “breakthrough.” [NFL.com]

An answer to the social media hashtags that you dislike.

Silly cow.

Too stupid to get out of the way of a charging elephant. Lucky enough to survive.

Here’s a new trailer for Sin City 2. I couldn’t make it through the entire trailer which is probably a good sign, right?

They nailed the second Game of Zones.

Conan played the new Super Smash Bros.

Here’s the trailer for The Interview.

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