Dwyane Wade Has Been Lazy and Indifferent on Defense in the NBA Finals, and This Video Shows Just How Bad

It’s relatively easy to look at the stat sheet and discern that Dwyane Wade had an off night offensively in Miami’s Game 4 loss against the Spurs Thursday – just 10 points on 3-of-13 shooting – but he he was even worse on defense. This video does a tremendous job breaking down just how bad Wade was in the first three games.. It encapsulates the entire Finals thus far and shows Wade jogging back down the floor on several occasions, triple-teaming the ball while his man rolls free, and being too late to adjust.

Nevertheless, Wade’s defensive struggles don’t get nearly as exposed if San Antonio’s offense isn’t stunningly exceptional. The same YouTube user compiled their highlights, and their ball movement continues to be unlike anything I’ve ever seen (I’m 27, and was told that the Showtime Lakers were comparable):

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