Is Gisele Going to Give the World Cup Trophy to the Winners?


What do you do if you’re hosting the World Cup and your head of state is running so low in the popular opinion polls that it could cause a stir if she’s seen handing over the winner’s trophy after the final? If you’re FIFA, Brazil and unpopular President Dilma Rousseff you (potentially) bring in a supermodel to stand in for you.

The Boston Globe reports Gisele Bundchen could award the trophy to the winners at the Maracaña on July 13  instead of Roussseff, who is facing criticism in her country for the untold billions spent on the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Rio Olympics. FIFA asked Gisele and the Globe reports she’ll be there for the trophy presentation so long as rioting doesn’t prevent it.

The logic here, I’d guess, is that nothing distracts potential protesters quite like a supermodel married to an NFL star quarterback, does it?

If this report is true, what sort of trendy fashion will Gisele’s better half — Tom Brady — be caught wearing? Given how fond he is for exotic hats, might I suggest this head gear from ESPN’s Copacabana set?


Brady could totally pull it off.

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