Roundup: ESPN.com Writer Dies Suddenly at 38; Clint Dempsey Wants to Release Rap Album; Jeep Flips Over Trailer in Kansas

ciara hannaCiara Hanna, who was in Project X and Power Rangers … mayor in California resigns over dog poop controversy … the 23-year old who is the hip new voice of the NYT crossword puzzle … a breakdown of RG3’s most popular hashtags … allegedly, Kasey Casem’s wife was cheating on himpro arm wrestler has one huge arm, one scrawny arm … here’s video of a massive orgy of horseshoe crabs  … what do New York Knicks dancers get paid? … “Police say the suspect ran off, and the driver chased after him, throwing sandwiches in attempt to slow him down” … this Indian teenager has a tail … oh really? “Beer brewing byproduct used to build bones” … Emily Nussbaum doesn’t like FX’s ‘Fargo‘ … five observations about the OJ Simpson car chase turning 20 … “Man tried to throw football stuffed with drugs into prison yard” … 86 percent of Germans between age 14-49 watched the 4-0 rout of Portugal … in case you’re wondering how Ezra Klein and Nate Silver’s sites are doing according to Comscore … because you can’t stop reading about the Oklahoma earthquakes … TV reporter has purse stolen while doing a spot outside the Oakland police headquarters … how does a soccer ball swerve? … how good – or bad – are your puns? …

Richard Durrett, an ESPNDallas.com writer since 2009, collapsed and died Tuesday at the age of 38. He leaves behind a wife and two kids. [ESPN; Star Telegram; Texas Rangers Report; Fox Sports Southwest]

Janzen Jackson, a former elite recruit who played defensive back for Tennessee, has been charged with murder in the slaying of his mother’s boyfriend. [LA Register]

Stat-heavy: FSU will be the No. 1 team in the country, with Alabama and Oregon close behind. [Football Perspective]

Rodney Hood had a workout with the Hornets, and vomited in front of Michael Jordan. [Observer]

Penn State needs an athletics director, because Dave Joyner will be gone by the end of the week. [Penn Live]

So sad, from 2008: Kawhi Leonard’s father was killed at the car wash he owned in Compton. [LA Times]

Arsenal making a move on Mario Balotelli? [Independent]

Just say no to chewing tobacco, kids. [North Jersey.com]

Clint Dempsey wants to release a rap album. [WSJ]

Why This Is the Most Important World Cup Ever for American Soccer’s 99 Percent. [Pacific Standard]

Woman freaks out at man, starts hurling racial obscenities at him. Gets ugly after the 2-minute mark. Briefly I thought this was fake. Maybe I just hoped it was. [via Guyism]

New York mayor loses Stanley Cup bet, sings, “I Love LA.”

Incredible: Every single basket by Wilt Chamberlain at every level captured on video. Got 45 minutes? [via Hot Clicks]

Jeep flips over a trailer that was on the side of a Kansas highway.

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