Roundup: Tony Gywnn Tribute, Twitter Supports Gifs, Spell "Dwyane Wade" For $100

briga-heelanBriga Heelan from Ground Floor and Undateable¬†… sea turtle freed after being trapped under a beach chair … a Mario game where you can create your own levels … step father who shot 14-year old girl will not face charges … more Khaleesi’s are born each year … Popeyes bought their own recipesAmazon Phone … replace all the icons on your computer with Kanye West … Polish town erects fluorescent statue of Lenin urinating … Mean Girls as a video game90-year old drug mule … 1200 pounds of unwanted Nintendo cartridges … Pitbull got an honorary degree and took an awesome picture … if men were computer programs … Twitter now supports gifs

New York City teen opens pawn shop for super expensive sneakers. [New York Post]

World Cup pictures minus the ball. [New York Times]

“95% of all data collected over the 140-year history of major league baseball (MLB) has been generated in the last five years.” [Economist]

What’s it like to buy Twitter followers? [LA Times]

The real reason behind the B1G adding Maryland and Rutgers. [SI]

Colt¬†Lyerla’s second chance. [VICE Sports]

University of Minnesota coaches and rowers saved a woman. [Star Tribune]

LeBron can control the entire NBA in a way that Michael Jordan never did. [Medium]

Video of Greg Maddux striking out Tony Gwynn. [Sports Blog]

The 10 highest paid RB coaches in college football. [Coaching Search.com]

Kentucky fan gets his dad a ’57 Chevy on his 57th birthday. [Chat Sports]

An England fan got Steven Gerrard’s face shaved into the back of his head. [Metro]

New Hornets GM Rich Cho confident the Hornets will draft well. Good attitude. [Charlotte Observer]

AJ Pasquale starting over at UCLA. [FOX Sports]

Here’s Kawhi Leonard celebrating with a victory cigar. So much emotion. [Vimeo]

Rugby players make tough trick shot videos.

Just a close encounter with a bear.

Period humor. I don’t want girls. I did laugh though.

The Padres paid tribute to Tony Gwynn last night.

Can you spell Dwyane Wade for $100?

Because you want to see it first!

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