Johnny Manziel Hung Out With Model Chantel Jeffries, Who Used to Date Justin Bieber and DeSean Jackson

H-Town with it.

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Johnny Manziel spent his second straight weekend in Houston, and — surprise! — he was photographed with ever more attractive coeds. To Manziel’s left in this photo is model Catherine Johnston-Paiz, and to his right (and below) is Chantel Jeffries.

johnny manziel chantel jeffries

If you’ll recall, Ms. Jeffries has previously commanded the public’s attention a couple times before — she was riding shotgun in Justin Bieber’s Lamborghini when the pop star was arrested for DUI while drag racing in Miami in January (Bieber’s charges were dropped in a plea deal earlier this month); we’ve also seen her and DeSean Jackson in their PJs, cooking breakfast.

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For Manziel’s part, it’s pretty clear at this point that he relishes this attention. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but we’ve reached a sample size where he can’t reasonably claim — not that he ever has — that the social media paparazzi just won’t let him enjoy a fun night out in peace. The Browns quarterback is setting himself up to get skewered for his partying if he doesn’t wreck the league pretty quickly after the season starts.

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