Roundup: Texas AD Takes a Shot at Jay Bilas; Emily Ratajkowski on the GQ Cover & Andy Murray Rescues Dog Before Wimbledon Practice

ashley-greene-Ashley Greene … Houston jogger finds missing 8-month old baby in the grassFloyd Mayweather made it rain with $100k at a Miami strip club … Sports Illustrated has a fantasy sports app arriving soon … watch this police officer pull a woman off the railroad tracks before the train arrives … James Madison University totally drops the ball on sexual assault by fraternity brothers … it only took three months for Tamara Ecclestone to lose her pregnancy weight … Andy Murray rescued a dog before Wimbledon practicestudent trapped in giant vagina sculpture in Germany … former NFL player allegedly cheats on playmate wife with transsexual … police deputy fired after friend used squad car to heckle public … dumbest iPhone App that’s getting written about: Yo … two men – 51 and 60 – were having a 3-way with a 60-year old woman on a boat when it crashed into a dock … map shows that the State that spends the least time grooming is Vermont … sounds like Carmelo wants to get paid and win, the latter which he can’t do in NY … “Minneapolis Couple Makes Heartwarming Teddy Video” .. which company rules your state? … people are now charging to “network over coffee” … non-compete clauses are popping up everywhere … for all the drinkers in Chicago … a fun Lindsay Lohan running around naked story! …

A rocket scientist – really – has helped Florida State football immensely. [ESPN]

Joel Embiid is “part movie character, part comic-book hero, a walking 7-foot myth in sneakers.” [KC Star]

Ornery columnist Bob Raissmann is sick of the ESPN “cheerleaders” who are announcing the World Cup. [Daily News]

Anonymous scouts mostly hammer NBA prospects. If you read this, nobody is a Top 5 pick. But they love Nik Stauskas! [SI]

Texas AD Steve Patterson, sounding foolish: “It’s absolutely agents and trial lawyers that are the whole reason we’re talking about this. You’ve got guys like Jay Bilas out there making the claim that scholarships aren’t worth anything, and nobody says anything to discredit that. … So who is saying with any rationality or any fact that student athletes on a full ride aren’t getting something? They’re just flat-out wrong and they’re liars.” [SBD]

Sports columnist: I’ve become a soccer fan, the World Cup has won me over. [Cincinnati Enquirer]

Redskins: When slang becomes a slur. [The Atlantic]

Wait, the Rangers would actually consider trading Yu Darvish? [Sports Day DFW]

Smart app created to “sell” public parking spots has irked San Francisco, so the city is trying to shut it down. [SF Gate]

emily ratajkowskiWhy does Sony keep making Adam Sandler movies? Because they make money. [Business Insider]

Washington DC has been No. 1 in the US for World Cup soccer ratings. [DC Sports Bog]

The story about the little girl with scars getting kicked out of KFC? Fake, apparently, and it resulted in the family receiving “$135,000 in cash, as well as gifts and free surgeries.” [Leader Call]

Mexican soccer fans partied a little too hard in Huntington Park, California on Monday. [KTLA]

A 17-year old girl who throws a knuckleball on a high school baseball team, threw batting practice to the Tampa Bay Rays Monday. [Tampa Tribune]

Slip and slide off a cliff? Looks like fun.

Emily Ratajkowski is in the new GQ, and here’s a video about the cover shoot. The GQ cover can be seen above.

This should confirm to you that Miami Heat fans are the worst. [via Hot Clicks]

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