Dan Gilbert Denies ESPN Andrew Wiggins/Jabari Parker Report in Very Dan Gilbert Fashion

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The NBA Draft is tomorrow night, and it’s still not readily apparent whether Cleveland will take Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins with the first overall pick. Earlier this week, ESPN’s Chad Ford wrote that one source believed Parker tanked his Cavs workout because of a preference to land in Milwaukee (a mildly absurd supposition, though not entirely out of the realm of possibility).

Today Ford, along with Jeff Goodman, reported that there was a fissure in the Cavs organization wherein new general manager David Griffin and a majority of the front office prefer Parker, but owner Dan Gilbert wants Wiggins. One source indicated that the owner deferred to management last year and permitted them to pick Anthony Bennett first overall — a disaster thus far — and may wield his influence over this year’s selection. Drama!

For Gilbert, this aggression would not stand:

Rather than quibbling publicly with Ford, Gilbert should be more concerned with plugging the leak(s) in his building. It’s not like Ford just made the report up out of thin air.

Gilbert, as you probably recall, has a tempestuous streak. He sent David Stern a whiny letter in 2011 griping that the trade which would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers would render about 80% of the league as the Washington Generals, and we all remember the tantrum he threw when LeBron left for Miami in 2010 (as well as his gloating note when the Mavs beat the Heat in the 2011 Finals). He’s always going to be like this.

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