Orlando Drafts Dario Saric 12th, Trades Him to Philadelphia for Elfrid Payton

Elfrid Payton hat hair

Elfrid Payton struggled putting on his Philadelphia 76ers hat after being drafted 10th, but it didn’t matter. He’s already getting traded.

Orlando drafted Dario Saric 12th, and immediately traded him to the 76ers for Payton.

The easy question: Uh, why didn’t Philly just take Saric 10th? I guess maybe the Nuggets were considering Payton at 11? Well, the 76ers got a 2015 2nd round pick out of Orlando in the deal.

At any rate, 76ers fans will now have to wait a while to see their two lottery picks. Embiid is out until at least December; Saric will play in Turkey the next two years.

Clearly, a slow-build for the 76ers. Patience, Philadelphia, patience.

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