Game of Thrones-Inspired Soccer Kits Make You Wish for a Westeros World Cup


Nerea Palacios, a designer located in Barcelona, posted these terrific-looking mock soccer jerseys for the various major houses and along with the Night’s Watch from Game of Thrones (or A Song of Ice and Fire, if you’re a book hard liner aficionado). I don’t have much to add because as far as mock jerseys go, they’re that amazingly well-done. Hopefully ESPN commentator Derek Rae gets an eye on these as he’s proven to be a fan of the show mentioning that “Winter is coming” during a broadcast early in the World Cup. If memory serves Rae also said a variant of the famous line, “you win or you die” during France’s 2-0 win over Nigeria today.

If there’s one quibble, why not a jersey for everyone’s favorite character, Hot Pie?


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[H/T Next Impulse Sports]

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