Canada Day: Alan Thicke Performing the Opening Number at the 1988 NHL Awards

Today is Canada Day. That will probably get completely got lost in the U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! hoopla, but it is important that we remember our polite little brother to the North. So here is the opening to the 1988 NHL Awards, staring Alan Thicke, a fake Zamboni and a bunch of Canadians with signs. It’s an amazing video. Here are some highlights:



screwup1“Michael J. Fox is our Pee-wee Herman”

Most importantly, the guy 3-seats in on the second row is a mess. He’s in charge of Manitoba on the map of Canada and he struggles. First he spins around too many times and messes up Gretzky’s 99 (a deportable offense in the 80’s) while holding the wrong card.

So when he flips that, Manitoba shows up in the middle of Lemiux’s 66.


He then is seen moving cards in an attempt to get his shit together. No luck though. When it comes time for Canada, he holds up Manitoba upside down.


Bro, do you even Canada?

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Because you want to see it first!

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