Sam Montgomery Arrest Video is Disturbing, Police Officer Suspended

Sam Montgomery, a former 3rd NFL draft pick of the Houston Texans who is trying to stick in the NFL, was arrested recently for driving 89 mph in a 55 mph zone. Yes, arrested. I didn’t know you could get arrested for going 34 mph over the limit. No priors, no alcohol involved, middle of the night, nobody else on the road. Arrested. This is news to me. Having driven through South Carolina, the limit in some places is 70. According to one report, an arrest in an instance like this is “lawful at a trooper’s discretion at a rate of speed greater than 25 mph above the speed limit.”

The arrest video, released by the Index-Journal, is disturbing. The first exchange might make your head spin:

Cop: You military?
Sam Montgomery: No. NFL.
Cop: NFL?
Cop: You’re under arrest. Step out please.

The cop has already been suspended.

After Montgomery is out of the car, it gets worse. The cop gives directions and then threatens to break out the taser. Montgomery, to my surprise, handled this extremely well.

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