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Women's Basketball Game Features Two Very Confused Teams Who Accidentally Switch Baskets

Mexico and Slovakia met in an under-17 basketball contest recently. Things got … confusing. The teams line up for free throws for Mexico. Both free throws are missed and a Slovakia player gets the rebound. She outlets it to her point guard who immediately takes the ball to the Mexico hoop and makes a layup. Part of the crowd cheers. That should have counted as a Mexico basket and been Slovakia’s ball. Instead, Mexico takes the ball out and rushes to the wrong end of the court. It would have been a backcourt violation if the horn hadn’t sounded to end the quarter. Maybe. Who knows.

The officials didn’t seem to know or care what was going on anyway. The action ends with a girl badly missing a 15-footer well after the buzzer. Some players and coaches seem to understand that something went wrong, but, again, who knows? The score never changed and since it’s 37-19 at the end of the third quarter, I’m not sure anyone wants to take the time to sort it out anyway. All that matters is that we have a wonderful international girls high school basketball game.

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