Carmelo Using Lakers to Bluff His Way to Max Contract with Knicks

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Don’t fall for it, Phil!

There was big news Saturday evening – the Lakers were suddenly in the mix for Carmelo Anthony. Maybe not the leaders, but strong contenders, along with Chicago and New York. The rumored offer on the table from the Lakers: 4-years, $97 million. Not quite the 5-years, $129 million he’s seeking from the Knicks, but not far off, either.

If I’m Phil Jackson, I call Melo’s bluff. Want to go to the Lakers and team up with Kobe to chew up around 65% of their salary cap? Maybe they keep Gasol and they have rookie Julius Randle … good luck with that in the West.

Peace. Smell you later. Enjoy the left coast.

From Woj:

One thing that still bothers Anthony is Jackson had wanted him to take less than a max contract

Not offering him a max contract and forcing Melo to head to LA would actually be a best case scenario for the Knicks. They’re one year away from having a virtual blank slate – Amare and Bargnani are off the books next year – when Phil Jackson will have a lot of room to pursue Kevin Love or whoever else he wants, and really make a power play for Kevin Durant in 2016.

It makes zero sense to give Melo $129 million when it’s clear he’s not a No. 1 player that can carry a team to a Title. It hamstrings the team’s roster flexibility for the next five years.

Let him walk.

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