Gamblers Are Loading Up on Cleveland Cavaliers Futures to Win the 2015 NBA Title

lebron and the cavs lost

The mere thought of LeBron James returning to Cleveland has prompted gamblers to load up on NBA futures tickets of the Cavs winning the 2015 NBA title. The odds on the Cavs – who haven’t made the playoffs since LeBron left in 2010 – getting to the 2015 NBA Finals were 60:1 before free agency started, but LeBron’s waffling about returning to Miami in the last week has prompted gamblers to take a chance on the Cavs, and thus the odds have shrunk to 10-1 at the MGM in Vegas, according to ESPN. At the Las Vegas Superbook, you can still get 30-1.

And what do you have to lose, really? Do you put $100 on the Cavs at 50-1 or do you want to lose $100 on the blackjack table in 10 minutes? Do you want to put $100 on the Cavs 50-1 or spend $100 on a nice deal with your wife/girlfriend with a couple drinks? According to the ESPN story, MGM took a $1,000 bet on the Cavs at 40-1.

If LeBron meets with Pat Riley today and determines he wants to stay in South Beach, well, you’re out $100. The Cavs, at best, are a fringe playoff team without LeBron.

But if he decides he wants to get on a younger, deeper team and return home … well, now you’re a hardcore Cavs fan for the next 12 months.

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