Cleveland Hoping to Land LeBron, and Then Kevin Love in Potential New Big 3

kevin love lebron james

This should surprise nobody, but Cleveland’s dreaming about a Kevin Love and LeBron James haul this week. They’d join forces with Kyrie Irving to make a new Big 3. It makes complete sense, it has for weeks, and if LeBron decides he’s willing to go to Cleveland, one has to assume that a deal is already in place for Kevin Love. Two weeks ago, Love’s agent allegedly warned Cleveland not to trade for the Minnesota star because he wouldn’t sign an extension there. One assumes acquiring LeBron would change that.

The big question – what would the Cavs give up? Are we approaching a scenario where LeBron says, “don’t give up Andrew Wiggins, but you can part with Dion Waiters” but then the Timberwolves say no? So then does LeBron not go? The Cavs have three 1st round picks next year, so would Waiters, Anthony Bennett and a pick (or two) suffice?

Does Boston have a legit shot at Kevin Love? It certainly has the picks, but it really depends if their players – Sullinger? Olynyk? Smart? Young? – are perceived as better than the ones Cleveland is offering. But then couldn’t Love just say, “I won’t sign an extension there, let me go to Cleveland?” I’m assuming Kevin Love would rather sign a long term deal in Cleveland with LeBron than in Boston with … Rajon Rondo, but who  knows, maybe he really fell in love with the city in late May.

So are we headed to a place where Flip Saunders is at the center of possibly preventing the Cavaliers from ascending once again to NBA royalty with LeBron James?

The LeBron/Pat Riley meeting is supposed to begin at 4 pm Las Vegas time, so you’ll probably want to be near a computer from 8-10 tonight on the East Coast.

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