Cleveland Trades Jarrett Jack & Tyler Zeller, Has Necessary Cap Room For LeBron

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LeBron could be one step closer to returning to Cleveland.

The Cavs have just made the 3-team deal they needed to in order to free up salary cap space to acquire LeBron. Here’s the trade, which will take effect Thursday, via ESPN’s Marc Stein:

Cleveland gets … cap space, future 2nd round pick
Boston gets Tyler Zeller, Marcus Thornton, Cleveland’s No. 1 pick in 2016 (Top 10 protected until 2019)
Brooklyn gets PG Jarrett Jack, SG Sergey Karasev

It’s pretty cool that Danny Ainge and Billy King are doing their best to help the Cavs acquire LeBron, right? There’s got to be some irony in there, somewhere.

What does this mean big picture for Cleveland?

Through the eyes of Cleveland fans – HE’S COMING HOME! He had a last meal with D Wade this week, and now he’s going to meet with Miami brass in Las Vegas (neutral site!) and let them down easy.

The Cavs can now offer LeBron the max deal he covets, and still have enough to fill in the rest of the roster. They still lack a rim protector, but they’re young and bouncy. Irving. Wiggins. Bennett. Thompson. Waiters. Potential.

Through the eyes of Miami fans – (watering) He’s just going to diss Cleveland again, and it’s going to hurt even more this time.

If you’ve been reading this site throughout free agency, it’s starting to feel more and more possible that a seismic shift in the NBA power landscape could happen later today.

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[Quick Boston thought, not that anyone cares: If the Cavs are interested in trading Wiggins and something for Kevin Love, you have to assume Minnesota’s power forward would recant his “I’m not signing there” edict. If Cleveland isn’t … well, does Boston have a shot? The Celtics have a surfeit of draft picks and young talent (Kelly Olynyk, Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley, James Young, Jared Sullinger are all under 24). Assuming Bradley is out because he just inked a big deal, is there two from that group plus a pick or two that could entice Minnesota to pull the trigger?]

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