Germany 7, Brazil 1 Was Most-Tweeted Sporting Event Ever, Crushing the Super Bowl

Germany 7, Brazil 1 was one of the shocking sports results you’ll see in your lifetime – the kind of stunning blowout that you don’t fully comprehend for days, possibly weeks. Seattle’s 43-8 romp over Denver in the Super Bowl was one-sided and boring, but the Super Bowl has seen blowouts before; the NBA Finals, from the 1st quarter of Game 3 onward, were lopsided and an offensive clinic, and all anyone could talk about was LeBron’s free agency.

Brazil getting eviscerated, on its home turf, in the World Cup semifinals? Absolute disbelief. Perhaps that’s why it was the “most-tweeted” sporting event ever, generating 35.6 million tweets, destroying the Denver/Seattle Super Bowl total of 24.9 million.

I spent most of the match laughing – you just don’t see an onslaught of goals like that at the highest level of soccer. Elementary school? Maybe. I fondly remember being on the receiving end of a really bad rout in my youth – it was something like 6-0 at halftime, and since our team was essentially me and one other kid, I moved to goalie to start the 2nd half, thinking I could do something. They scored two more times and I was out of there, back up front. I think we lost 8-2. I can still remember our jersey color and where the game was played and seething anger afterward.

We won’t see anything close to 7-1 between Argentina and Netherlands today. Everyone will spend time cracking jokes when it’s 0-0 going into extra time.

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