Rick Brunson Booked Massage Under "Patrick Ewing," Got Charged With Attempted Sexual Assault

rick-brunson-mugshotRick Brunson, the former NBA journeyman, was arrested in June charged with attempted sexual assault and aggravated battery stemming from an April incident with a massage therapist at an athletic club. The female massage therapist had stopped treating Brunson in 2013 because of an “undisclosed prior problem,” so Brunson used the name “Patrick Ewing” to book an appointment. From the Chicago Tribune:

According to the record, “Brunson admitted to her that he booked the massage under a different name. … (She) believed he used a fake name to book the massage because she had told him in 2013 that she would not massage him anymore. (She) reluctantly agreed to massage him since he was already there.”

The report states that he was already undressed at the time.

The woman complained to management the next week and got an order of protection. Brunson’s club membership has been revoked. Brunson has been working as an assistant coach since his playing days ended in 2006.

[Chicago Tribune]

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