Derek Jeter is a Secret Owner in a Banana Hammock Company

Derek Jeter demonstrates how to properly stretch the banana hammock region

Derek Jeter will not just be hanging out in retirement. New York Post’s Page Six has done truly important work, discovering that Jeter is a secret owner in Frigo RevolutionWear, a company that sells high-tech “Tempur-pedic banana hammocks” for $100 a pop.

The most ridiculous thing in this story? It refers to him as a slugger. Derek Jeter is “slugging” .325 this year. But where was I?

Oh yes, the banana hammocks. They include a “‘soft lock adjustment system’ plus a ‘patented pouch’ dubbed the ‘Frigo Zone.'” Frigo’s CEO Mathias Ingvarsson has previously stated about the product “It separates your genitals from the rest of your body . . . It lifts a little bit so [guys] feel the comfort.”

Sounds like the perfect addition to any gift basket!

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