Roundup: Game of Thrones Special Effects Magic; People Might Be Pooping on Trains in Massachusetts; World Cup Final on Sunday

natparis1Natalia Paris … Police in Bakersfield, Calif, found $76 million worth of weed in a U-Haul truck during a traffic stop. … Yadier Molina is going to miss a couple months with a thumb injury. … Here are the Emmy nominees if you haven’t seen them already. … One of the more bizarre ‘Florida’ stories so far this year. … Two people arrested having sex on the street in front of an Oklahoma City church. … Driving in Maine seems hazardous, what with all the moose on the roads. … Another reason not to follow parody/humor accounts on Twitter. (Especially this one.) … Time-lapse map/GIF of the territorial changes in South America. … Oops. … Use Legos to hold your computer and phone cords. … Alessandra Ambrosio doesn’t look like she took the Brazil loss too badly. … Happy birthday: Giorgio Armani (80); Richie Sambora (55); Al MacInnis (51); Rod Strickland (48); Andrew Bird (41); Andre Johnson (33); Chris Cooley (32); Caroline Wozniacki (24). … Enjoy the summer weekend.

Bryan Cranston, Keith Hernandez, Terri Hatcher and more talk about their roles on Seinfeld. [Rolling Stone]

Belgian teen who won a modeling contract thanks to cameras focusing on her during the World Cup, loses contract via a Facebook post from a year ago. [Guyism]

“Making Friends at the World’s Hottest Goth Party.” [Vice]

The story of baseball’s first Home Run derby. [Fox Sports]

Former MLS standout Clyde Simms needs a kidney transplant. [Soccer Wire]

The Rockies owner sounds like a bit of a jerk. [Big League Stew]

A very nice baseball story — unless you’re a dead-inside, cynic. (Which is very possible.) [The Good Men Project]

The next sport to get an analytics revolution? Yup … Ultimate Frisbee. [WSJ]

Water levels are continuing to rise in Miami. [Guardian]

People in Uxbridge, Mass., need to find better hobbies. [Boston Magazine]

“Pro Wrestling Is Fake, but Its Race Problem Isn’t” [The Atlantic]

The gorgeous Colombian World Cup fan has been identified! [Metro]

Facebook comments might actually be the lowest form of communication. [Bro Bible]

Why might a potential Division I football recruit be allowed to play high school football in Philadelphia this year? [News Works]

An actual fish story. [Alaska Dispatch News]

List of the eight longest tenured SNL cast members. [Splitsider]

Game of Thrones spends a lot of money on effects.

This looks fun.

Texas woman goes into labor, films 95-mph drive to hospital with GoPro. (Warning: Semi-NSFW/graphic)

Talking Heads.

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