Tattered LeBron James Cavaliers Jersey at Indians Game Sums Up Yesterday in Cleveland

In the wake of LeBron James’ 2010 departure to Miami, some Cleveland Cavaliers fans famously burned his jersey. The act of immediate anger made for great B-roll and captured the fan base’s feeling of betrayal.

More level-headed Cavs supporters either stopped wearing James’ jersey or banished it halfway to Narnia in the back of their closets.

And some fans fell somewhere in the middle, letting their No. 23s fall into disrepair, like the ruins of a once-great civilization.

Yesterday’s announcement that Ohio’s prodigal son was returning home signaled a new beginning for Cavaliers fans. It also meant many would have to either get their hands on a new James uniform or dust off one that had seen better days.

And although there’s no way to know the back story of this guy at the Cleveland Indians game last night, his tattered jersey perfectly summed up the historic day.

It tells James’ Cleveland story way better than a new, perfectly intact jersey could ever hope to tell it.

Sure, it looks like hell, but that’s exactly what it’s been through.

Either that, or it was accidentally run over with a lawnmower.


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