Bears and Packers Fans Have Bowling Alley Fight Over Football and Grammar

NFL: JAN 23 NFC Championship - Packers at Bears

Chicago Bears fans and Green Bay Packers fans are already in regular season form. A fight broke out between a Packers fan and a Bears fan at a Beaver Dam, Wisconsin bowling alley back in April that left one man needing surgery for a torn retina. Last week, one of the men was charged with battery.

He said the fight began over a disagreement over grammar as well as their views on sports teams. He said Gubin had kicked over his chair and then struck him with a closed fist several times and kicked him.

I understand the Bears versus Packers in the Midwest thing, but I would give anything to hear the details of the grammar argument between the bowling alley patrons. Jacob Lee Gubin was charged with felony battery-bodily harm and could face up to six years in jail. [via Madison.com, WISN12]

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