ESPN's 2014 World Cup Version of One Shining Moment is Goosebump-Inducing

The 2014 World Cup is over. Either that’s a time to rejoice if you’re a soccer hater (why you’re clicking on a post with World Cup in the title, I’ll never know) or time for sadness, if you love the month-long spectacle every four years. Or, it could be a time to be indifferent, but given how on the Internet you either “love” or “hate” soccer, there’s probably no middle ground. But I digress.

ESPN signed off with its final World Cup broadcast until at least 2026 – at the earliest – with this terrific montage from the last month in Brazil that hits on just about everything noteworthy that happened during the 2014 World Cup. All things being equal, ESPN did a tremendous job over the last month, lifting the bar for both soccer fans and sports coverage in general. It will be missed four years from now when Fox takes the baton for Russia and then Qatar.

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