Tour de France Cyclist Has Implausible Explanation for Using iPhone During Race

Sleuthing photographer Graham Watson busted Italian Tour de France cyclist Luca Paolini for checking his iPhone during competition on Saturday, purportedly while he was riding at about 40 miles per hour. Anyone with a crippling smartphone addiction (raises hand) can surely empathize, but, for obvious reasons, such behavior is frowned upon and even prohibited by the race’s regulators.

Using rough Google translations, Paolini is saying that he wasn’t texting, but realized his phone was on and he was just taking it out of his pocket to turn it off. The emojis, which are, like love, ensconced in international language, are self-explanatory (though they don’t embed cleanly, so click through on the off-chance you care). The excuse doesn’t seem all that believable, but, according to his subsequent emoji-laden dispatch, he was let off with merely a warning:

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