Adam Wainwright Says He Grooved One to Derek Jeter During All Star Game [UPDATE]

85th MLB All Star Game

Derek Jeter doubled off Adam Wainwright to lead-off the bottom of the first inning of the All Star Game Tuesday night in Minnesota. Jeter came around to score on a Mike Trout triple. A nice moment, right? Jeter shut up a fan and rose to the occasion in his final All Star appearance — you couldn’t script it better for baseball.

Welp, it looks like we might get a series of screaming debates on Wednesday after Wainwright told the media he “grooved” one to the Yankees’ captain, who went 2-for-2 in the game before leaving in the fourth.

Ultimately this wouldn’t big any sort of story if not for the fact the All Star Game uses the tagline “This One Counts.” Yep, an exhibition game is used to determine home-field advantage in the World Series. Still, we’ll get people frothing about said exhibition and Wainwright’s admission.

Hopefully you have a “hot take” bunker in which to retreat for the next couple hours.

UPDATE: Wainwright appeared on camera with Erin Andrews to clarify his comments in the bottom of the eighth. Wainwright backtracked saying he didn’t want to be a distraction and his sense of humor was taken the wrong way. Then the interview ended with Wainwright saying he didn’t like social media when asked by Andrews even though he gave the original quotes to a bunch of reporters.

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