Floyd Mayweather on Ronda Rousey: "I don't know who he is"

Ronda Rousey is very good at mixed martial arts. Because she is good at mixed martial arts, people love to throw around scenarios that will never happen and make declarative statements. That’s how we get “pound-for-pound” rankings – something I stopped wasting my time on about four years ago. Still, others cling to the idea of tiny people fighting large people in a make believe world where they are the same size and keep their same skills. With Ronda Rousey, people cross gender and sports barriers to try and explain how great she is. Take what Dana White said two months ago for example. Via FOX Sports:

“Listen I get it. It’s hard for guys to wrap their brains around that one,” White said in his UFC 173 pre-fight media scrum. “Ronda wouldn’t beat him. She’d hurt him badly. She’d hurt him badly.”

Ronda Rousey could also submit LeBron James, Adrian Peterson and Clayton Kershaw, but that is almost too silly to even mention. Today, Bob Velin of USA Today asked Mayweather about her chances and David Greisman of BoxingScene.com was there to capture his response – “I don’t know who he is.” Obviously, Mayweather is not a fan of cinema.

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