Sydney Leroux, Omar Gonzalez, Mike Magee and Hope Solo Star in Elaborate Ferris Bueller's Day Off Tribute

Say what you will about MLS, but the league does have a lot of smart, clever and innovative people working for it behind the scenes, especially in the avenues of social media and marketing. KickTV produced this excellent tribute to 80s movie classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off with reigning league MVP Mike Magee filling in for Mathew Broderick in the titular role, presumably to sell Chicago Fire tickets and or model a new line of vests.

Whatever the purpose, it’s really well done clip featuring Sydney Leroux and Omar Gonzalez in supporting roles, along with a pre-arrest Hope Solo. (Gonzalez remains a funny dude.) Cameos include Judah Friedlander, Thierry Henry and Bruce Arena. There’s also a funny Bradley Cooper joke. Hey, if you like soccer (or Abe Froman references) you’ll probably smile … if not, well, you clicked on it anyway of your own free will.

Also, the clip accomplished one of the rarest features in all of American soccer: it made Michael Bradley smile.


If there’s one quibble, unfortunately KickTV couldn’t get the licensing for Yello’s “Oh Yeah” which we know appeared in roughly 97 percent of movies between 1985-1988.

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