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Texas Was Prepared To Offer Nick Saban $100 Million, Per Paul Finebaum's Book

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Al.com obtained an advanced copy of Paul Finebaum’s new book. The book alleges Texas was willing to offer Nick Saban a compensation package approaching $100 million.

“Texas was dead serious about trying to money-whip Saban,” Finebaum and Wojchiechowski write. “Depending on whom you talk to — Bama big hitters or Texas big hitters — the Longhorns were prepared to give Saban somewhere between a $12 and $15 million signing bonus and a salary package worth $100 million (plus performances).”

That seems an absurd figure for a college football (or professional) coach. And, of course, “Texas big hitters” being willing to do something is not the same thing as “the University of Texas” signing off on taking a football coach bidding to nine figures and offering it in writing.

That said, there was a lot of smoke about Nick Saban possibly moving to Texas last season. Much of that smoke likely emanated from folks at Texas who were willing to finance an offer he couldn’t refuse. There was a lot of confusion and coincidental timing surrounding Mack Brown’s retirement and Nick Saban’s silence.

A $100 million deal seems like a lot. But, T. Boone Pickens has donated more than twice that sum to Oklahoma State’s athletic department. Nick Saban has far more direct impact than a stadium face lift or a new weight room. And…well…it is Texas.

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