Roundup: NFL Draft Moving to Chicago or Los Angeles; Male Tights Are Now Fashionable?; Could College Football Learn from ... MLS?

France v Germany: Quarter Final - 2014 FIFA World Cup BrazilAnn-Kathrin Brommel, Mario Götze’s girlfriend. … Looks like the NFL Draft is moving to Los Angeles or Chicago. … A Malaysian Airline jet crashed over Ukraine. … Here’s a look at how flights are avoiding Ukraine airspace. … A Dutch passenger posted this before takeoff to Facebook. … An Australian women lost relatives in two Malaysian airplane disasters. … John McEnroe’s son was busted with a bunch of drugs. … The Lakers signed Carlos Boozer, people didn’t seem to happy about it on the Twitters. … Hershey raises prices due to soaring cocoa costs. … German captain Philipp Lahm announced international soccer retirement. … Musicians can still win “Video Music Awards,” who knew? … Elaine Stritch (Jake Donaghey’s mother — and obviously much more) died Thursday at age 89. … Tennessee man is pulled over for hit-and-run, you’ll never guess what happens next. … Officer won’t be charged for killing teen who answered door holding Wii controller. … Twin sister prostitutes arrested in Raleigh, N.C. … Probably the most bizarre Hulk Hogan GIF on the Internet. (pay attention) … Connecticut state trooper facing jail time for stealing from a dying man at the scene. … Teens catch fish, eat fish, get sick from toxins in fish. … Louisiana man tries to pay for prostitute with forged employer’s check. … Elle MacPherson is good at Twitter. … Grocery store didn’t have this. Sigh. … If you’re constructing something at Kyle Field, don’t hang a Bama flag, apparently. … Mesut Özil used is World Cup bonus money to pay for Brazilian kids’ operations. … Ronaldo is one lucky sonofabitch. … Happy Birthday: John Glenn (93); Dick Button (84); James Brolin (74); Joe Torre (74); Paul Verhoeven (68); Richard Branson (64); Razor Shines (58); Nick Faldo (57); Mike Greenwell (51); Al Snow (51); Vin Diesel (47); Penny Hardaway (43); M.I.A. (39); Torii Hunter (39); Kristen Bell (34). … Have fun, enjoy the weekend. Relax and chill out. Try to be safe, however

Could college football learn something from … (GASP) … MLS?!?!?? [WSJ]

Men’s tights are going to be a thing, apparently. Russell Westbrook models here. [NY Mag]

The story of the semi-legendary Tom Emanski. [Just a Bit Outside]

Silicon Valley idea: split California into six states. [Wired]

Pawn Shops don’t take names when they buy championship rings. [WaPost]

Fun read on Derek Jeter and haters and the Internet and Seinfeld and other stuff. [Newsweek]

Pain. More pain than Clubber Lang predicted to unleash on Mr. Balboa. [Bro Bible]

Long, in-depth Q&A with Sir Paul McCartney. [Rolling Stone]

Story recounting how linebacker Sam Mills got his start with the USFL Philadelphia Stars. [Philly dot com]

A very slanted look at how Fox’s upcoming World Cup soccer coverage might look. [World Soccer Talk]

Do “songs of the summer” exist anymore? (Admittedly, an Adam Wainwright “pipe shot” for the comments.) [AV Club]

A rundown of the legendary “Monday Night Wars” of the 90s. [The Score]

How did humanity function pre-cameras on phones? [Guyism]

Goldman Sachs predicted three World Cup group stage games correctly. [Michael Bertin]

First part of a series of the 100 best songs about Memphis. [Commercial Appeal]

Weather reports look fun in Britain.

Futurama credits in 3D.

Brandon Flowers got a tattoo to back up his claim he’s the best cornerback in the NFL. [Fox Buzzer]

HUGE SPOILERS … but a cool Game of Thrones theory, especially for the book people.

More Nathan Fielder for you.

The Animals. 

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