Roundup: Did Fox Bid on Time Warner in Hopes to Compete With ESPN? Conan Uses Tinder, and Miami Swim Week Highlights

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 9.04.34 PMBehati Prinsloo, who tied the knot with Adam Levine over the weekend … Dutch cyclist made last-minute switches off both ill-fated Malaysia Airlines flights … Testicle-eating fish found off the coast of Florida … A collection of Cheetos that bear resemblance to various people and/or objects … Low-hanging pants now punishable by $500 fine in Florida town … Gallery of highlights from Miami swim week … French blogger fined after his Google search results were too prevalent on a negative restaurant review … Woman arrested after sharing selfie wearing stolen merchandise … Rob Ryan, carrying three pizzas and a stuffed animal through an airport terminal … Fried chicken Oreos were an Internet hoax … Giant rubber ducky swept away by flood in China … Watch Izabel Goulart work out … Leo DiCaprio suing auction house for personalized autograph photo of Nelson Mandela … Yuma tribe rejects “bribe money” from Daniel Snyder’s foundation … Wisconsin twins celebrate their 101st birthday … Newspaper corrects tweet about anniversary of Lance Armstrong walking on the moon … NFL player and former NBA player arrested for fighting outside a Miami club …  A theory about the possible explosion of black holes … Why do people move to “unhappy” cities? … Speculation about what could have caused this massive crater in Russia … With less childbirth, Proctor & Gamble shifts focus to adult diapers … Sixth-grader scoops ecologists with lionfish intel at science fair. 

Does Fox want to buy Time Warner largely as a mechanism to compete with ESPN? [Outkick the Coverage, New York Times]

Two Harvard students are in the process of patenting “Spray Cake”, which is cake batter in a whipped cream-like container. [Boston Globe]

Sociologist discusses data about how millennial men differ from their predecessors. [NPR]

Derek Jeter’s 12 most disgusting girlfriends [Sports Pickle]

Deion Sanders’ prep school continues to have been a disaster. [CBS]

“Find something you’re good at, start putting in the work, and take bold action. Today.” [Mindful Caveman]

2016 Presidential candidates get evaluated based on which sporting events their wedding attendees had to miss [Vice Sports]

Has Carmelo Anthony actually had better teammates for most of his career than LeBron James? [Wages of Wins]

How Anthony Bourdain spends (and you should spend) the first 10 minutes of the day. [Harvard Business Review]

“Like a virus slowly invading its victim, social media has methodically started to consume every hour of my day.” [New York Times]

Shark chokes on sea lion.

Conan O’Brien and Dave Franco try out Tinder.

Norm MacDonald and Billy Bob Thornton talk for about an hour…

… Howard Stern and John Oliver talk for even longer than that.

Jerry “The King” Lawler rants about ECW on local Memphis TV in 1997.

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