Roundup: Madden 15 Rookie Player Ratings, Michael Sam Jersey Sales, Legos on the Beach

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Tony Dungy’s assessment of Rams rookie Michael Sam shows stunning lack of courage. [Yahoo Sports]

Kliff Kingsbury’s Breitling watch may be a knockoff. [Deadspin]

Jason Whitlock interviews Maverick Carter. [ESPN]

Dunga will replace Big Phil Scolari for a second-stint as Brazil coach. [Guardian]

LSU Freshman DT punched through glass window, had glass tear through his bicep. [NOLA]

Why rich Chinese want their cash out of China. [Maclean’s]

Michael Sam ranks sixth on the list of best-selling NFL jerseys. [Out Sports]

Husband pushes wife off jet-ski, leaves her to die on sand bar after being accused of performing oral sex on another man. [Daily Mail]

J-Crew now has size XXXS women’s clothing, in case women were tempted to start eating again. [New Yorker]

June Jones thinks lesser college football conferences should go the USFL route and play in the spring. [Eye on College Football]

Las Vegas bidding for MLS Franchise with Qatar-like air-conditioned stadium. [Las Vegas Sun]

Michigan police can’t determine cause of death in gruesome Craigslist murder, because they can’t find the head. [AP]

The Celtics signed Evan Turner. [Boston Globe]

Madden 15 Rookie Ratings

The Full Clinton, MA Hot Air Balloon Crash Video

Sebastian the Ibis walks bride down the aisle after death of her father.

Arsenal players attempting a New York accent…


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