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Bob Stoops Had Some Strong Words For the SEC

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Day

Bob Stoops has never been one to stifle his opinions. Though, after closing the season with a season-altering beatdown of Alabama, he’s entering 2014 with a bit more zip on his fastball. He was in Bristol today for a Big 12 media car-washing. He came after the SEC on multiple fronts.

The Sooners coach ridiculed Texas A&M’s Texas-free non-conference schedule.

He challenged the notion Alabama lost the Sugar Bowl because they didn’t want to play in a consolation game.

He also got in a barb at the SEC-led efforts to impose a 10-second snap rule.

There’s no Stoops quite like “Chuffed Imperious Stoops.” Enjoy the ride, until it ends in an embarrassing loss in Lubbock.

Bob Stoops gets Gatorade bath at the end of the Sugar Bowl

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