TMZ Got Dean Cain's Hot Johnny Football Take While He Left the Balloon Store

dean-cain-balloonTMZ caught up with Dean Cain while he was buying groceries and a single balloon and asked him about Johnny Manziel. Dean Cain, a former football player and Superman, obviously had some thoughts on Manziel. Turns out that Johnny Football’s antics reminded Cain of another high profile quarterback who liked the ladies – Matt Leinart. Via TMZ:

“I do remember another quarterback back in the day, coming out and being a high draft choice and hanging out with the Hollywood starlets and stars and never really doing that well.”

Cain even did the “Not to mention any names *cough* Matt Leinart *cough*” thing. That’s a seasoned celebrity right there. A follow-up question evoked this answer:

“I’m not saying Matt Leinart can’t get ladies … but he cant get a contract in the NFL now.”


Look, if Dean Cain’s tales of Matt Lienart’s wasted potential can’t get to Johnny Manziel, then nothing can. Of course, the biggest tragedy in this is that no one asked about the single balloon. Can someone reboot Ripley’s Believe It or Not! so we can get an answer?

[TMZ, h/t: @DangerGuerrero]

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