Police Sketch of Alleged LA-Area Peacock Shooter Looks Kinda Like Mike Ditka

peacock+killer+web (1)Los Angeles Raiders vs Chicago Bears

To be perfectly clear, this post is IN NO WAY alleging that Mike Ditka shot a peacock outside of Los Angeles; it is merely pointing out a striking resemblance of Ditka to the police sketch of man, who apparently lacks Ditka’s trademark mustache, believed to have done so two weeks ago.

The sketch comes by way of NBC Los Angeles, who reports that a man, believed to be between 56 and 60 years old, in Rolling Estates — an LA suburb — stopped his Mercedes Benz and shot and killed a peacock with a pellet gun. This type of behavior has apparently been a big problem in the area — 50 peacocks have been killed in that neighborhood in the past two years, many by BB gun — and represents an illegal extermination that could be punishable with a $20,000 fine.

This is a photoshop (by friend of the site @rexdangerseeker) of what the police sketch would look like with a mustache:

ditka (1)

Again, this is all almost certainly just a very amusing coincidence.

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