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Kansas State Coach Bill Snyder Eats Just One Meal a Day - Taco Bell's Fourth Meal

Kansas State v Oklahoma

Bill Snyder has been the head coach of the Kansas State Wildcats football team for the better part of two decades. Snyder retired in 2005, but returned to K-State three years later. As a 74-year old major collegiate football coach, Snyder doesn’t have many opportunities for a nice homecooked meal. So he generally eats once a day. That one meal is apparently fourth meal. Via ESPN:

“One meal a day is accurate,” Snyder said Wednesday, during an interview at ESPN.

“It’s not always Taco Bell. I like Taco Bell. But I eat at other places.”

Man, being a football coach sounds awesome.

“Taco Bell is open at midnight,” Snyder said. “[My wife’s cooking] is not.”

Pretty obvious that’s why [My wife’s cooking] is coming off a record low fiscal quarter.

[ESPN, Getty]

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