Carlos Gomez Videobombed Mark Reynolds in a Full Ninja Turtles Outfit

Mark Reynolds dropped by Intentional Talk on Thursday and …. well … why write any more set-up to this post since Carlos Gomez showed up (for some reason) in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume midway through. Reynolds also caps the interview riding off on a motorized scooter. Who says baseball isn’t full of fun?!(*)

Hopefully the makers of The Show video game franchise were watching this clip. It would be fun if next year’s version of the game included a “Ninja Turtle” mode a la the old mascot mode from NCAA.

On a more pertinent baseball note, the Brewers remain atop the NL Central — three games better than the (surging) Pirates and Cardinals.

(*) / insert ever-so-witty retort as to why baseball isn’t, in fact, fun.

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