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Stephen A. Smith Seemed to Be Pretty Clear and Consistent With His Views on Domestic Violence

Stephen A Smith Skip Bayless

Stephen A. Smith claimed to be misconstrued. More likely, he was properly construed, and his views finally hit a moment in time where they were fully noticed and met with the outrage and interest, when many of us try to compartmentalize and ignore the braying from “First Take.”

Deadspin notes that he had some interesting comments in 2012 when Chad Johnson’s wife filed for divorce following the domestic violence incidence.

At that time, he had again noted that he was against domestic violence, those who perpetrate it should be punished, but (and your views are usually tied up in the “but”) . . .

There are plenty of instances where provocation comes into consideration, instigation comes into consideration, and I will be on the record right here on national television and say that I am sick and tired of men constantly being vilified and accused of things and we stop there. I’m saying, “Can we go a step further?” Since we want to dig all deeper into Chad Johnson, can we dig in deep to her?

More indicative, though, might be the interview with Floyd Mayweather in the spring of 2013.

As was noted in this post, the entire line of questions is talking around the domestic violence, and seeks Floyd’s view and allows him to present almost as the victim.

Stephen A: “What did that do to you”

Floyd: “It hurt me, it hurt me”

Stephen A: “How did it hurt you?”

No questions or information on why Mayweather was in jail, but at least we learned how it hurt him.

[UPDATE: “Iron Mike Gallego” has this series of tweets from 2010 that may explain how Smith handled the Floyd interview]


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