Chandler Parsons "Spotted" With Kardashian Character, Kendall Jenner


Chandler Parsons was seen hanging out with Kendall Jenner over the weekend according to the Page Six Team. This is notable for many different reasons. First of all, we now know that Chandler Parsons is considered a “hottie.” Last we checked, Parsons, who turns 26 in October, had a girlfriend. Also, Kendall Jenner turns 19 in November. What’s he doing? Being a budding fashion model himself, you have to assume he’s networking.

According to the Page Six Team, Parsons and the model Kardashian “sat next to each other.” (Seriously, it is in quotes.) Any other deets? Yes, please!

“Kendall and Chandler were flirting throughout the meal,” a spy said. “They laughed and chatted all night.”

Woah. There go our fantasies of Parsons and Johnny Football double-dating this season. [via Page Six]

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