Judge Rules Against Donald Sterling, OKs Clippers Sale to Steve Ballmer

shelly sterlingMultiple outlets are reporting that Superior Court Judge Michael Levanas has ruled against Donald Sterling, and in favor of his estranged wife Shelly, in the longtime Clippers owner’s attempt to block the sale of the team to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Per the AP (bold’s mine):

The judge said Shelly Sterling had negotiated a good deal for the Clippers and had the authority to remove her husband as a trustee of the trust that owns the team after two doctors determined he had signs of Alzheimer’s disease and was incapable of making business decisions. Also under the ruling, Donald Sterling can’t delay the sale from going forward as he appeals the case.

According to SI legal analyst Michael McCann, the judge invoked Sec. 1310(b), which means that any further legal action from Sterling could only result in monetary damages, and not a return of team ownership. Nevertheless, this still doesn’t feel completely over.

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